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Professional & Efficient Siding & Trim

Our siding instllers here at Superior Roofing, Siding & Gutters do more than just installing high quality roofing to your home, but we also specialize in siding installation & repair for any residential home or commercial building. Our siding contractors acknowledge that the siding on your home or building is just as important to the whole foundation as your roof and when you combine the quality of work we put in with top of the line building materials, your home is left with both beauty, and protection that cannot be matched.

Some of our services include:

  • Vinyl Siding Installation & Repair
  • Aluminum Siding Installation & Repair
  • Soffit, Fascia, & Trim
  • Free Estimates on any and all of our work!

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Just like all of our roof repairs & installations, we are happy to provide fair, honest, and free estimates on any and all siding projects you may have for us no matter how big or how small.

We Have Options!

Also like our roofing supply group, we offer a number of different options of styles and colors that will compliment any home perfectly. Whatever color or design you have in mind, the brands that we carry are guaranteed to have what you are looking for and give your house a sleek new look that will make it stand out in your neighborhood!


Vinyl siding is the most popular style and material that we install here at Superior Roofing and there are a number of benefits that go along with these models.

For one and most importantly, this an affordable and realible system. The companies that produce these materials have come a long way and the technology have gotten better and better as the years have gone by. Our manufacuters warranty includes protection against hail and color fading!

This is good news for home owners like you because even though the quality has gone through the roof, the costs to make them has gotten lower which means we can offer you high quality siding at an affordable price!

Another great thing about the improving technology is that the reputation of vinyl being one of the weaker materials used for siding has slowly drifted away. The quality has only gotten better and this means a much stronger guard against anything that Mother Nature can throw at it!


If you are still not convinced and would like a little reassurance in regards to weather protection for your home or building, then aluminum siding might be just the thing for you. Even though vinyl has improved over the years, aluminum still reigns supreme when it comes to protecting your home against nasty weather. These models were built to last and will give your home the protection you are looking for.

Improved insulation is another perk when it comes to aluminum siding. The durability and materials that are used give your house more insulation when compared to other models and will help keep the harsh chilly air out during the winter, and the brutal sun’s rays away during the winter.

Our siding supply group offers a wide variety of colors and styles that will compliment any style of home or building. We have the inventory and the crew to leave your home looking brand new!

So whether you are looking for a whole new installation siding or just a small repair, we here at Superior Roofing Inc. are happy to send out one of our guys to give you a free estimate on anything you need!

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